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Vantage Card Services, Inc.

A BBB Accredited business since 10/28/2002.

BBB Rating A+

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Business Contact and Profile

Name: Vantage Card Services, Inc.
Phone: (770) 928-5688
Fax: (770) 928-9328
Address: 2230 Towne Lake Pkwy Bldg 400 STE 110
Woodstock, GA 30189-5543
Original Business Start Date: January 1996
Principal: Mr. Ted Hardison, CEO
Email Address:
Entity: Corporation
Incorporated: February 1996, GA
Type of Business: Credit Card Processing Services, Credit Card Equipment, Credit Services
BBB Accreditation: This organization is a BBB Accredited Business.

BBB has received information from this firm indicating they may be a victim of fraud. Consumers are alleging that they are being directed to the website of Vantage Card Services, Inc. by a company who offers work-at-home offers. Vantage Card Services is not affiliated with any company who advertises work-at-home opportunities.

Additional information received by this company indicates that this scam now involves paying fees to work with MasterCard and Visa doing processing work. MasterCard is urging victims to contact the Federal Trade Commission to file a complaint at 877-438-4338 as well as contacting local law enforcement.

If you are directed to the website of Vantage Card Services under the guise of a work-at-home opportunity, please contact Ty Hardison at (800) 397-2380 x14

For general information on work-at-home opportunities, BBB provides the following information: Every day, ads for work at home jobs appear in newspapers across the country as well as in national magazines and on the Internet. Some of the offers include stuffing envelopes, assembling products, reading books, reviewing movies, medical billing, or selling advertising on the Internet. The BBB suggests using extreme caution when responding to any such offer. While ads claim high earnings and short hours with little or no experience, BBB files nationwide indicate no evidence of anyone making the promised money. Rarely, if ever, are these ads an offer of legitimate employment. Generally, these "jobs" require upfront fees for information or supplies, and only the person who ran the ad makes any money. You should be aware that the United States Postal Inspectors regularly investigate these fraudulent schemes, and that you risk investigation and possible prosecution by postal or other law enforcement agencies if you become involved in one of these schemes.

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Additional Phone Numbers
Tel: (800) 397-2380

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